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Anarchist Position on War

August 5th, 2022

[Two resolutions that were passed at the international anarchist conference in May 1948 in Paris.]

Anarchist Position on War

Since long before the declaration of the Second World War, the most active of our groups and federations have been the victims of such persecution (imprisonment, concentration camps, etc.), that it was impossible for the anarchists, when the declaration of war came, to attempt any widespread concerted action.

Seeking to avoid prison or death, or seeking to hasten the fall of the oppressing powers, some anarchists were led to participate, in an active or passive role, in the war. A few continue even today, after the conflict, to support the democracies under the pretext that the primary task is the reconstruction of society.

The International Anarchist Congress, recognising that individual and mass resistance to war, in all their forms, can create more fruitful possibilities in the future, draws the attention of militants and anarchist organisations to the interest which should be taken, in time of peace, in the study of the problem of non-participation in war, and to formulate, as much on an individual scale as on that of the groups, concrete attitudes in view of such an eventuality. Among the methods of struggle against war which merit the attention of anarchists, one might mention the general strike, sabotage, civil disobedience, certian forms of conscientious objection, etc.

The anarchists must avoid all confusion and declare themselves opposed to all war, however much it may pretend to be a democratic struggle against totalitarianism. They must not let this dissuade them, in the event of war, from continuing their independent struggle, uncompromisingly, with libertarian methods, against all forms of oppression.


Position Towards U.N.O. and Movements for a United States of Europe, European Federation, etc.

The anarchists denounce the myth of universal peace based on a pretence of union between States.

(The International Congress – 3; in: Freedom April 1st 1950)

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